Have you ever been asked “what do you do for fun?” I get asked that often, apparently married people think it is hard for single people over a certain age to have fun.  I have gone to school, which I consider fun and I had a job that I enjoyed, what other fun do you need. In my job I had the pleasure of traveling and working with amazingly smart fun people. For this introvert that worked for me.

I have finished school, completing a terminal degree, and I am no longer working at that company. I started asking myself what can I do for fun? I have found adult single friends that know how to have fun. At 50 plus years old I have started to attend dances, requiring participation in dance lessons, went whitewater rafting and attended many parties. I have no rhythm, so dancing is not a pretty sight, but I have a lot of fun. 

I have found a community of adult Christian singles that like to get together and have fun. This community is such a blessing. Being single is not like being married and unless you have been single after the age of 40, I don’t think you can understand the difference. Just the fact you have to figure everything out yourself with no one to provide guidance, support or someone else to blame, is a huge difference. Something as simple as attending an event alone can be hard. I have attended many events alone which is fun but it can also be very lonely.  Attending events with friends is so different than attending by yourself. 

Now when people ask me what I do for fun, my response is considerably longer than I go to school and work. I am blessed. I am constantly challenged to be a better version of myself and to see myself through God’s eyes.