What better time to highlight brave inspiring single women than on National Women’s Day? When I was younger there were not many inspiring single women. Today there are so many smart, brave, and amazing single women doing fun and amazing things. I want to highlight a few.

A few years ago, I joined a group to help build yearly goals and found, Sundi Jo, whose enthusiasm so inspired me to keep moving forward. At the time, she had a goal to open a house helping others overcome bondage. Sundi Jo’s love of God and people was evident in everything she said. One day I looked up Sundi Jo’s Facebook page and found Jill Monaco.

Jill Monaco is a Freedom Coach, Health Coach, author, and founded Jill Monaco Ministries, along with so many other things. Her website Single Matters and her course From Looking to Loving drew my attention. I took her course and have been working with her as coach for a couple years. One of the best things she taught me was how to flirt.  Jill also has a private Facebook group for singles called Single Matters Community.

I found Lisa Harper through Instagram. She is a mother, author, and speaker with some wild adventures. She is also working on her doctorate degree. Her posts are fun, and she is real about the challenges she faces. I love that even though she has not been married, she is mother to a beautiful daughter. Lisa demonstrates what it means to have fun.

The other day I was watching a woman, Tails of WanderLust, on YouTube. She lives in small camping trailer and travels the country with her dog. They camp at campgrounds, in parking lots and other random locations. The places she has seen, people she has met and opportunities she has had is impressive. She is very brave; I would be afraid to be out in the middle of know where by myself.

Check out these inspiring women and share with us the inspiring women in your life.

Note: From Looking to Loving is an affiliate link.