Three roses. Do you enjoy Springtime? There was a time when I dreaded Spring. The weather would get warm, teasing of summer and then cold again. I am not a fan of cold weather. I wait for summer and dread when it ends.  However, for those who enjoy sightseeing and hiking, Spring could be the best time. It is not too hot or too cold. The snow begins to melt, and the waterfalls are incredible.

I have been thinking about what I can do this Spring that is new, different, and fun. This will be the first year I am not working a 9 to 5 job, nor are we in lockdown. I am excited about the opportunities. My plans for this Spring are:


Last year I tore out some old plants and created a cottage garden to have fresh flowers for the house and something pretty to look at outside. I decided on a cottage garden because it supposedly took less work to maintain. This year, after learning a little more, I am moving some of those plants to other locations. I had too many plants for the small space, and I planted them at the garden’s edge rather than closer to the fence. Not sure what I was thinking. The flowers are pretty, but I want more. Laura at the Garden Answer provides lots of good gardening advice.

I also started a vegetable garden. I am growing tomatoes, carrots, onions, cantaloupe, strawberry’s, squash, eggplant, and several types of herbs. This is my second attempt at a vegetable garden; the first time a few years ago was a total flop. I have hope for this year since I will be home more to tend to any issues. I have two tomato plants, which has me worried that I will be learning how to can at some point this summer. I took an online challenge with Jill Winger at The Prairie Homestand on how to grow a garden, so you always have food. My garden is not a homestead, but she gave some great tips on what to grow and how much.


The town I live in has many trails and walking paths I plan to visit this year. The city has a list of the trails and their locations on its website, making it easy to keep track. While I have always wanted to take up hiking, I have avoided hiking because I did not want to get lost. I can be directionally challenged. Having the trails in town solves my fear of being out in the middle of nowhere and getting lost. The GPS on my phone and watch will help identify my location should I get really lost. I also plan to look up a local hiking group for beginners.


A few years ago, I wanted to go to a New Year’s Eve dance but did not know how to dance. I took dance lessons at the local Arthur Murray Dance Studio, which was so much fun. Since then, there have been other local singles dances that I sometimes attended with friends, sometimes alone. This past year I have been taking some line dancing classes and attempted some online dance classes. I am rhythmically challenged, so learning to dance without a partner can be pretty funny. The local ballroom is about to open again, I may take formal dance lessons again. It is good exercise, fun and a great way to meet new people.


A single person needs to cultivate friendships. It is easy to put off building relationships when one is working long days and weekends, but we need relationships. It is good to spend time with other people and to meet new people. This year, one of my goals has been to find ways to be with people and build those relationships.

These are some of the ways I plan to stay active this Spring. My main goal is to have great conversations, laugh a lot and have a lot of fun.  Any other suggestions for fun?