As a single adult, it is essential to be part of a community that includes other singles. Whether you want to be married or not, it can be challenging to live in a world where everyone appears to have a mate.  It is possible to thrive and have an enjoyable life as a single person. The key is to learn to enjoy your own company, find a community of friends and build relationships. It takes work to have an enjoyable life; however, with the right tools, it is possible to thrive.

Learning how to enjoy times when you are alone will help you discover activities that interest or excite you. When I was younger, I would not do anything by myself, not even go shopping, if I couldn’t find someone to go with me, I didn’t go.  I did not want people to feel sorry for me or think I was weird.

My boss at the time forced me out of my comfort zone by requiring I take a college course. My option was to take the class or quit my job since I was not independently wealthy; I took the class. I was shy, so taking classes in a room full of people I did not know was terrifying. It was the best experience even though it took a few years to get comfortable starting new classes. I found out there were cohort-based programs, that allowed me to complete the degree program with the same people I started, that is why I finished those programs.

Learning new things is a great way to find friends and build relationships. I love to learn, so now I look for classes to take that allow me to be with other people. We can always find people who have similar interests to us; the first step is to decide what you enjoy doing and look for opportunities.

When you decide on the activities that interest you, then figure out what about that activity you want to learn. Find opportunities to learn or increase your skill, or maybe you can teach others. Volunteering is a great way to have fun and meet new people, and the opportunities are endless. Local libraries are usually a valuable resource for finding volunteer opportunities or reach out to a local church to see if they could use some assistance. Just be careful not to take on tasks that require you to be alone. The goal is to get comfortable interacting with other people and have fun.

Another option is to take lessons. Today there are so many options to learn new things and meet interesting people along the way. You can take classes at the local community college or adult school. Many recreation departments offer educational events and courses like cooking or swimming. A few years ago, I wanted to attend a local singles dance, and I did not know how to dance, so I took dance lessons at the local Arthur Murray Dance Studio. I have no rhythm that did not stop me from having fun. There is another local ballroom that offers dance lessons, and I met a lot of Christian singles that attend their parties.

The news flash for me was that just about every activity I have attended there is at least one other person there who does not know anyone. While it may appear everyone has a mate, that is not true. I read a statistic the other day that said almost 50% of the people in the United States are not married.   

With a little effort and courage, enjoying life as a single person is possible and can be a lot of fun.