My Story as a life coach

How I Got Started

I had no idea when I started working for Educational Testing Service (ETS) at age 20, I would stay there for my entire professional career. I was blessed to have several mentors to guide me to a successful career that I loved. I was able to help high school students become successful college students.

Early on in my career I told the director of my division I wanted her job and asked if she would help me get it. She graciously understood my request was not an attempt to replace her, but to ask her to be my mentor.  Fifteen years after that conversation I was managing her projects.

A few years ago, my passion for managing projects, even those that helped student, diminished. I loved supervising and mentoring the young women I had the privilege of working with and wanted to see them grow.

Without mentors and friends guiding and coaching me, I would not have known how to move from opening mail, my first job at ETS, to an Associate Director working with one of the largest university systems.

I want to see you reach your full potential and live a life that inspires and excites you. Whether it is making new friends, figuring out what inspires you, or finding a new job or other goals that will lead to an excited inspired life, I am here to help you.  There are so many opportunities these days; however, finding the right path can be challenging.

On a personal note…

I am single, never married. My passion is to help the Christian church understand the valuable resource adult singles can be in sharing God’s love within their community and around the world.

I have started to attend local dances, requiring that I learn how to dance. I don’t really have a lot rhythm, however, what fun is life without a challenge.

I have a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in organizational management, master’s in business administration (MBA), and a doctorate in educational leadership (Ed.D.) I am a certified life coach through Creative Results Management.